What We Do

Man and his wife owners, checking burned and ruined house and yard after fire, consequences of fire disaster accident. Ruins after fire disaster.

We focus on assisting public entities and government agencies work through the legal complexities of mass disasters

We have over 30 years combined experience specializing in mass disaster litigation

Since 2018, our law firm has recovered over $1.45 billion in settlements on behalf of our wildfire clients. Ed Diab was awarded the Daily Journal California Lawyer – Attorneys of the Year (CLAY Award) in 2020 for some of these historic results in wildfire cases. We have represented over 100 public entities – including some of the largest cities and counties in California – as well as thousands of individuals and families in their cases against PG&E and Southern California Edison for damages or injuries caused by wildfires. Many people, even those with homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, quickly find out that they are significantly underinsured when it comes to the total losses they sustain following a devastating wildfire. In these cases, there are very strict laws that govern utility companies that may require them to pay your damages.



When catastrophic wildfires strike, experience matters. Our attorneys have been on the front lines in every major third-party caused wildfire since 2015. Our experience is unparalleled and our historic results unrivaled.


Train Derailment

Railroad accidents often have lasting and devastating impacts on the communities where they occur, and can cause catastrophic harm for those involved. Our experience representing both public entities and families in disaster litigation means that we understand the unique challenges of both. We leverage that experience to maximize our clients’ recovery.


Oil Spills

The environmental and industrial effects of an oil spill can be widespread and misunderstood. Our attorneys are well-versed in this nuanced area, and have a long history of leadership in significant environmental cases over the last decade.